Saturday, 19 February 2011

COMMENT · A deliciously tongue in cheek article about how Mexican food is ruining Gringos' lives

This is more like the sort of educated humour we were expecting from Top Gear's trio grande. Oh well nevermind.
Stop Making Delicious Food I Can't Stop Eating And Go Back To Mexico 
By James Whittington AUGUST 24, 2010This isn't the country I grew up in anymore. It used to be a place where hardworking Americans could make an honest living, support their families, and feel safe walking the streets. It used to be a place that rewarded decency and fairness. But now, thanks to the millions of illegal immigrants crossing our borders every year, all that's changed—and I for one have had enough. So listen up, Mexicans: Stop cooking all that mouthwatering food that I cannot stop consuming and go home!I am dead serious. We didn't invite you here, and it's high time you quit making all those rich, complex mole sauces that seem to fire every taste bud on my tongue and return to your native land. There's no room for you here.Yes, your sauces satisfy the body as well as the soul. But does that excuse the throngs of day laborers waiting on the corner every morning for jobs that rightfully belong to someone born in the USA? Even if that heavenly sauce is drizzled over seared duck breast and is studded with ripe avocados?No, sir. Not in my book...
Full article from The Onion here

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