Friday, 25 February 2011

ART · Alexander Henry Fabrics Folklorico Collection Inspired in Mexican Motifs

Alexander Henry, a design studio located in Burbank, California created an amazing collection of fabrics with very Mexican motifs, from Frida all the way to Día de Muertos and Virgen de Guadalupe. Check them out!
"Welcome to the land of perfect sunsets. Colors are brighter here, and so are you. You’re tan and your new huaraches feel like old friends. Que mas quieres?"
Las Señoritas

Frida's Garden
Virgin of Guadalupe


  1. 'What Goes Around...'February 27, 2011

    You contacted me to ask if it would be ok to feature my 'Las Senoritas' bag. I contacted you to say thanks and that I would love you to do this. I also asked if you thought it would be a good idea to make products in 'dia de los muertos' and Frida Kahlo fabrics. I havn't seen my products featured but have just noticed on your blog that you are featuring the 'Las Senoritas', 'Dia de los muertos' and Frida Kahlo fabrics. Is this just a coincidence?
    'What Goes Around...'

  2. @ What Goes Around:

    After seeing your bag in Folksy I did a little research on fabrics with Mexican motifs and that lead to Alexander Henry's collection which is amazing! So a range of goodies in other fabrics would be really really cool.

    @ Eleni:
    Lovely aren't they n___n