Wednesday, 2 March 2011

FOOD & DRINK REVIEW · £50 Worth of Authentic Mexican Ingredients from

£50 Worth of Authentic Mexican Ingredients from

So this is what £50 worth of authentic Mexican looks like. Only available online, this little batch of goodness was bought off 

MexGrocer was founded in 2006 and operated by Mestizo Restaurant since 2009. These guys really know their stuff. Not cheap, but delivery is free after fifty pounds, so we took a chance.

Our shopping list, from left to right and top to bottom:

  • Flor de Calabaza (Courgette or Zucchinni  Flowers) - Yes, edible flowers! 
  • La Costeña Salsa Verde (Green Salsa) - The next best thing after Sabores Aztecas Green Salsa
  • Nopalitos (Tender Cactus Leaves) - Guess what, cactuses are also edible and real scrummy. 
  • Maseca (Dried Corn Dough for Handmade Tortillas) - Self explanatory.
  • Corn Husks for Tamales - A tamal is a fatty and fluffy lump made of corn dough, lard, spices and meat that is actually steam cooked inside a corn husk. 
  • Liquid Achiote (Condiment/Marinade for Taco Meat) - Traditional seasoning from Yucatán in south east México.
  • Rajas de Chile Problano (Sliced Poblano Peppers
  • Cuitlacoche (Corn Truffle) - The consumption of corn smut originates from ancient Aztec cuisine and is still considered a delicacy in Mexico, even being preserved and sold for a significantly higher price than corn.
  • Oaxacan Mole Paste
  • Green Mole Paste
  • Pipián Mole Paste
  • Adobo Mole Paste
Think of mole (moe·lay) as some sort of Mexican "curry". It's made of dry chillies, nuts, seeds and spices with very rich flavours and eaten with chicken, pork or beef with a serving of savoury rice on the side. Only thing is, tortillas are served instead of naan bread!
  • Small Plastic Traditional Molcajete (Mortar)
  • Pozole Can (Hominy or maiz kernels for making a traditional soup or stew)

So far we are pleased with the price and a very speedy delivery. 

Recipes and advice on how and what to cook with these ingredients to follow!

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  1. I did a quick calculation and that will run you around $25 here in Los Angeles, California. I will ignore the currency exchange so you don't feel bad. :)