Monday, 28 March 2011

FOOD & DRINK REVIEW · All You can Eat Sunday Brunch @ Mestizo, London

"Mestizo is the concept of a group of Mexicans to bring to London a restaurant-bar offering a fine and authentic Mexican cuisine"
Mestizo, London

About every Mexican restaurant out there claims this, but very few deliver. Mestizo does. And it's easy to tell because it's filled with Mexicans! This may come as a surprise to some, but real Mexicans abroad don't go burrito-hunting when they miss their food. They go looking for the authentic food and that's exactly what Mestizo has on offer.

Cuitlacoche Chicken, Tamales, Rice and Totopos Real Mexican Food Buffet · Mestizo, London
From top left to right clockwise: Tamales, pollo en cuitlacoche, totopos, rice and salsa verde.
The Sunday Brunch (from 12:00 to 16:00) offer was indeed pricey at £20 a head, but it's so worth it if you really have a craving for the real deal. Besides, it's all you can eat, so we were more than happy to pig out on chicken in cuitlacoche (corn truffle) sauce, pepper and cheese tamales, Mexican white rice, pozole, quesadillas, totopos, tostadas, black beans and peppers stuffed with cheese, all washed down with horchata water (a very sweet soft drink made of rice, vanilla and cinnamon). Also, there was a choice of two desserts and we went for the "Bienmesabe de coco" a delicious coconut sponge cake drenched in condensed milk and topped with fluffy whipped cream.

Bienmesabe de Coco · Mestizo, London
Horchata water and "bienmesabe" de coco. It literally means "tastes good to me"
The place was packed and apparently it is best to make a reservation. The brunch deal is a buffet, which gets quite busy so you may have to queue to  order your quesadillas, which are filled with whatever you fancy and cooked on the spot. The waitresses were kind of coy and not too engaging at all, but hey, it's self service and it's all you can eat so who cares!

Real Mexican Food Buffet · Mestizo, London
Vegetales al ajillo (garlic seasoned vegetables), pastel de espinacas (spinach bake), pescado (fish)

Mestizo : 103 Hampstead Road, London NW1 3EL T 020 7387 4064


  1. I too can vouch for this place. An excellent Mexican brunch but you're not going to eat £20 worth of food. Having said that, I haven't seen anything as good as this in the UK yet. Keep it up.

  2. good to know that there is an authentic place in London for Mexican food - will visit in the summer - glad to have found your blog too - Greetings from Mexico City!!