Wednesday, 16 March 2011

SHOPPING · Mexican Spice Sweet Chili Tea... wait, what?!

Just came across a tea called Sweet Chili Yogi Tea Mexican Spice.

It's for sale in for 2 quid a box here and according to their blurb:
Sweet Chili combines the treasures of the Orient with the rich culture and traditions of Mexico. This unique and delicious infusion is sure to make your heart sing and your feet dance. Yogi Tea© has always appreciated and honoured the various tea ceremonies of the world. Sweet Chili is inspired by the Mexican tradition of combining chocolate with spices and chili. Traditional Yogi Tea© herbs and spices are blended with a dash of chili to lift the spirits and awaken vitality while Fair Trade cacao shells provide the flavour and aroma of chocolate. Enjoy every sip of this tea as the flavours curl playfully around your mouth and let it warm your inner-being like the friendly Mexican sun. 
Ingredients: Liquorice, cocoa shells, spearmint, fennel, anise, ginger, peppermint, nettle, chili pepper(2%), cinnamon*, cardamom, cloves, black pepper. Box 15 tea bags


  1. Would it be wrong to buy it just for the box?!

  2. Not at all XD It is a stunning box indeed!